Three Things Remain

Faith. Hope. Love.
I'm Nick! 19, from Colorado, musician, actor, MSU Denver English Ed student, but most of all, Follower of Jesus.

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apply all your lessons from school to home. all of them. got dirty dishes? good thing you know how to play ultimate frisbee

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"Sisters of Christ, your beauty is not defined by your shape, your weight, your complexion, or the fashionable clothes you cover yourselves in. It is not made complete by the makeup you cover your blemishes with, the muscle tone of your body or your lack thereof. Is it defined by anything a mere mirror can reflect? No, it is not. Your beauty is defined by your faith in Jesus Christ. By the love and kindness, stemmed from the Heavenly Father who made you. Your beauty comes from within, it comes from the wellspring of life, your heart. The more you saturate your heart in Christ, the more beautiful you become. You become radiant. You start reflecting the selfless image of Christ. That is beautiful."

Not to condemn, but to save.

It’s natural to think we all start out on the good side. And in fact we were supposed to be. We were designed for it actually. And so it’s easy to scrub away guilt by the simple thought, “I can do this, I’ve actually been good all along, I just need to straighten myself up.” So we get out the brush and mask our shame with leaf clothing. Then  when the conversation about religion, about Jesus starts, even within our own mind, we now have stumbling block to our thinking. Wait, if I’m on the good side, why does Jesus come? Why would he approach and say, come, follow me, and thus send us now to the dark if we say no? That does not seem right, or fair. And if we have found ourself on the good side,  it is not. But I present to myself, and to you, dear reader, a different possibility. What if, though intended for being on the heroic, the noble, the pure side, we now find ourselves on the desolate, the broken, the death ridden side? What if instead of being in the light trying to avoid slipping into the black, we find ourselves stumbling in the dark? What then, of the Cross? What then, off Jesus? What if there is more to His working then a way to keep us out of the dark we were never in in the first place?   What if He did not come to help, but to truly save?

John 3:16-22

Read the entire Bible in one year!: Psalm 84:7-12